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Print2Email - Installing Print2Email on desktop operating systems
To begin installation, double click on the downloaded Print2EmailSetup.exe.
The following screen will be displayed. Click the 'Next' button to continue.
Review the license agreement, and select 'I accept the terms of the license agreement' radio button.
Press 'Next' to continue.
The next screen will present an option of installing Print2Email for all users or just the current user.
Press 'Next' to continue.
Select the installation directory of the Print2Email or use the default destination folder.
Press 'Next' to continue.
Specify the desired name for Print2Email to appear under Start > Programs or use the default settings.
Press 'Next' to continue.
The InstallShield Wizard will install the Black Ice Print2Email. Specify the output directory of the converted documents. Print2Email Demo automatically registers the Demo during installation.
A dialog will appear confirming that the Print2Email Demo has successfully registered over the internet.
The following dialog box will now appear and prompt you for the file type for the image attachments.
Select the desired file format and press Next to continue.
Please note: The user can change the image type at any time using the 'Printer settings' in the Control Center.
The following screen will present options to configure what Print2Email should use as the default E-mail provider.
You can configure these options later in the Print2Email Control Center.
The user can select the commonly used email providers by select the radio button, and enter the email address and password. When a commonly used email provider was selected, such as Gmail, click on the Next button to configure the account settings. The user can configure the SMTP settings by selecting the 'SMTP Mail Server' radio button,
and click on the Next button.
In the SMTP Settings, enter all the required information of the SMTP server. Print2Email can be used as a stand alone document converter without email configuration
by selecting the 'Document conversion without email' radio button.
The following dialog will appear, and the user can select to 'Place program shortcut icon on desktop,'
'Start Print2Email when I start Windows,''View Print2Email Documentation' and 'Install The Free Tiff Viewer.'
Press the 'Next' button to continue.
Press 'Finish' button to complete the installation. Thank you for using Black Ice Print2Email. Click here to see more tutorials.